Friday, June 30, 2006

I got that posting fever!!!

Too many photos, too little time...

Youtube page

I might as well publish the link to my page where you can view my videos of my various bungy jumps and other high adrenalin stuff.

More Photos

This is me waiting to do my first ever bungy jumo from the bridge opposite the fantastic Victoria Falls. Either side of the gorge is Zambia and Zimbabwe. The bridge is a kind of no mans land, or De-Militarised Zone, lol.

As you can see I enjoyed it greatly!!

This is me skiing in Switzerland.

And this is me stoking a cheetah (yes it is alive!) in South Africa

Now which picture should I use for my profile? Any suggestions?

I may yet post more pictures. Be warned!


Photos. See if I can post them.

Yay. It worked.

This is me at the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian oceans in South Africa.


So I need to publish a photo. Okey Dokey

Will do.

Blimey Kasia! What have you got me into. The strange world of Online Bloggers. I've heard of these social outcasts, but never dreamed that I would start to turn into one.

I wonder if this is how it started in Invasion of the Bodysnatchers?

Anyway, here are some photos of me. I have yet to decide which one I will use.

I have arrived

But I dont know what I am doing here.

Will post something (maybe) if I can think of anything I feel like sharing witht he world.

Peace out