Sunday, April 29, 2007

Middleham castle on Saturday

I spent a great afternoon driving around North Yorkshire with my brother Richard. We went to an auction to buy some classic Mouseman furniture, but he got out bid on everything, lol.

Richard took the opportunity to take me to visit a castle I hadnt been to before; Middleham. Beautiful!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hexagonal clouds on Saturn

" Why would clouds form a hexagon on Saturn? Nobody is yet sure. Originally discovered during the Voyager flybys of Saturn in the 1980s, nobody has ever seen anything like it anywhere else in the Solar System. If Saturn's South Pole wasn't strange enough with its rotating vortex, Saturn's North Pole might now be considered even stranger. The bizarre cloud pattern is shown above in a recent infrared image taken by the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft. The images show the stability of the hexagon even 20 years after Voyager. Movies of Saturn's North Pole show the cloud structure maintaining its hexagonal structure while rotating. Unlike individual clouds appearing like a hexagon on Earth, the Saturn cloud pattern appears to have six well defined sides of nearly equal length. Four Earths could fit inside the hexagon. Although full explanations are not yet available, planetary scientists are sure to continue to study this most unusual cloud formation for quite some time."

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Red Square Nebula

What could cause a nebula to appear square? No one is quite sure. The hot star system known as MWC 922, however, appears to be imbedded in a nebula with just such a shape. The above image combines infrared exposures from the Hale Telescope on Mt. Palomar in California, and the Keck-2 Telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. A leading progenitor hypothesis for the square nebula is that the central star or stars somehow expelled cones of gas during a late developmental stage. For MWC 922, these cones happen to incorporate nearly right angles and be visible from the sides. Supporting evidence for the cone hypothesis includes radial spokes in the image that might run along the cone walls. Researchers speculate that the cones viewed from another angle would appear similar to the gigantic rings of supernova 1987A, possibly indicating that a star in MWC 922 might one day itself explode in a similar supernova.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Transformers - The Movie

Michael Bay, the director of Pearl Harbour, Armageddon, and Bad Boys 2!! is making The Transformers Movie.

Early word has it that it is going to be a lighter, family movie. With references to dogs pissing on Optimus Primes leg, and Transformers trying to hide in gardens from the parents of the teenage helper; the signs do not sound good!

But then the first trailer came out, then these stills. Bloody Hell! It looks good!

Apparently these SFX for the most complicated CGI ever put on camera, with a each virtual Transformer having over a thousand moving parts that the computers match perfectly, and that each frame of film takes 38 hours to render through the super-computers they use! Every penny of Bays $220 budget seems to be up there on the screen

I dont know how it will turn out storywise, but it certainly looks like it will look good. I may have to check it out on the big screen. I will then have to watch an Italian black and white masterpiece to cleanse my pallet, and possibly my soul.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

PKR gets better

I do like playing on 3D poker site PKR. It is a lot of fun and fully interactive. Uses up far too much of my laptops juice, but its worth it.

They've started sending emails when you win over $100. I thought it was a nice touch!

Sunday, April 08
EXCLUSIVE: "PKR Speaks!" Page 5 BREAKING NEWS: "Tourneys heat up" Page 6
Poker world thrilled as Teamwak takes huge $210.00 tournament prize. "Fame won't change me" says Teamwak
By Special Correspondent.
PKR NEWS - Teamwak fought a field of 75 tough competitors to take 1st place in the PKR $10 Regular (6 seater) Tournament and $210.00. "It was an incredible display", said one observer, "everyone was on the edge of their seats".

The result marks another big step in Teamwak's meteoric rise to poker stardom. "I predict big things from Teamwak", said a poker insider, "all the ingredients are there; skill, determination, guts - and a slightly funny haircut."

Teamwak took 1st place and a $210.00 prize.

Poker beauty makes TV debut!
Page 3
PKR set to become #1 poker site!
Page 7
Copyright © 2007 PKR Limited

And as for Glastonbury ticket, my angry email resulted in me being told it was a condition of their license that they sell couch tickets, and as I bought coach tickets then that is what I am getting. They will only give the tickets out mid-coach journey! Ridiculous!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Glastonbury Festival 2007

Horray! I got tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2007.

Glastonbury is the greatest festival in the world, with no other festival since the 60's capturing the fun and excesses of an outdoor music festival. And as one of the biggest festivals in the world, it offers some sights and sounds that are un-paralleled.

It has the whole hippy vibe going on that can be contagious. You cant beat sitting in a glade, or my the stone circle getting all at-one-with-the-universe. Cant wait!

Unfortunately, Glastonbury Festivals would only sell us tickets that had a mandatory coach journey attached to them. I had to pay £50 extra as the normal tickets were sold out. Now the website says the tickets will only be given out on the coach trip itself! They wont give the tickets to us before.

We were hoping to have a few extra days down south, but if we can not take a car, then how can we have a holiday? Public transport all the way? Fuck that! I have fired off an angry email. We will see what happens. As I have paid for these tickets, I firmly believe that these are my tickets to do with as I see fit. Not to be doled out to us like presents for good little boys when the organisors see fit!