Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mess with Jupiter at your own peril.

Thermal Vents on Earth

A volcanic eruption on Io. Filmed from Galileo Orbiter



Being in Jupiters orbit has a price. For Io, at its closest point to Jupiter in its orbit, the surace of Io is 200 miles higher than when it is orbitting at its furthest point. The constant accordian effect on the moons generates volcanic activity that would end life on earth. The other moons suffer similar fates. Apparently they cant map the surface of Io because it is constantly being re-shaped by all the lava. Not molten rock but sulpher volcanoes!!

When they were photgraphing Ganymede one of the shots had a strange lump on it, it looked almost like another moon rising behind Ganymede. It later turned out it was a volcanic explosion 300 miles high. So big it changed the profile of the moon in that photo. Crazy!!

So tell me there arnt volcanic thermal vents at the bottom on Europa? Eruptions that would have melted the ice, forming seas underneath. And what do what, heat, and chemicals equal? Hey Presto....Life.

Space. Not the final frontier.

A few of my all-time favourite astonomy pictures, including my all-time favourite moon, Europa. What do you mean you dont have a favourite moon? You cant be happy with our own boring moon? lol. It just sits up there doing nothing but regulating our tides. BORING. Now Europa is covered with ice...which means under the ice there will be water (there WILL be geothermal springs under there. If you see what state Io and Ganymede are in as a result of Jupiters gravity and intense radiation you will be in no doubt)...and if you get water, and volcanic chemicals.....HEY PRESTO, you get life :). Why a Europa trip isnt on the top of everyones list of things to do, I dont understand.

Soon (ish) we will send men to Mars, should be in the next 10 years. Its the one good thing Bush as done, although he was only trying to emulate JFK. He aint half that Prez.

But the big thing on my horizon is the Planetary Finder. WHich is a series of telescopes linked by laser or something else. It would be apparently stong enough see actual planets orbitting distant stars. Now that would be cool!!

And notice I havent used the word Alien even once, lol.

No joy at the White Rose poker tournament

There is a 2 weekly/monthly poker club in Harrogate. £10 muti Tourney, about 70 to 100 players. Not done too well but did get down the 11th last time so thought I was improving, but not this week. My three Aces w/King got killed on river (last card) when an 8 came down making his pocket 88's into a Full House, which of course beat my three Aces w/K. :(

Poker....She is a cruel mistress.

Rain. Thank the Lord

Its raining out side. Horray. I dont like it when its too hot.

I hate my job. Yet I still go in at the weekend. I am a slave to the almighty dollar, or pound sterling, I should say!! lol

Mum & Dads holiday looks ruined in Spain. The villa is at the top of a rutted track so steep, that their hire care couldnt make it until they took all the luggage out of it. It is a sheer drop-off as well which has terified Mum and the kids. There is no wall around the villa (which is very nice, by the way), but no wall means that the boys, 3 and 6, could fall off a cliff if not supervised every moment. Thats no family holiday.

I have been emailling the German travel agent they used, but they are taking no responsibily. Mum says the jounrey up and down is so bad that the next time she goes down the track will be to go to the airport to go home!! God she's gonna be pissed when she gets home. Apparently she and Richard (my brother) have been at each others throats. Poor Dad had to ring me for a normal conversation, lol.

Decided to post a picture every post from the the fantatsic Astonomy Picture of the Day which is run by NASA. One of my other hobbies is cosmology. I think the Hubble telescope might just be the most important invention since the wheel (maybe!) . This is one of my favourite photos. It shows a jet fighter breaking the sound barrier.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Its Hot. Its Damn Hot!!!

Cant cope with the heat. Sitting here in shorts with a bottle of ice de-frosting infront of my fan.

Damn hot Damn global warming.

Cool picture here of the International Space Station. One day I will get into orbit. May have to mortgage th flat, but hey ho!

Hot, hot, hot. Even hotter than Poland. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Must post more

Must post more or Kasia will be upset.

Elephant from Poland now lives next to the ostrich egg and Mouseman ashtray.

Went to see a Pink Floyd tribute band called Over the Wall in the grounds of Ripley Castle. They were excellent and the setting was fabulous with the lake and rolling green hills. The stately home in the background just set the scene. They finished with Another Brick In The Wall and Comfortly Numb. Fantastic!! Got very drunk with Craig, Lois, and Simon.

Nick and Chris have gone to the Wicker Man festival in Scotland where they build a giant wicker man and burn it. Sounds cool!!

Peace out.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Better few days at poker

Won about $230 yesterday. Stopped the rot thank god!

Its all gone Pete Tong in Israel. Hisbollah has kidnapped 2 more israeli soldeirs. Israel will not let thatvstand. Where the hell will it end.

Shame because it really is a beautiful part of the world.

On a weeks leave. Taking my 2 nephews swimming. Took Harry, 6, yesterday. Bless him. Taking MAtthew, 3, tomorrow. Mum says he is a slippery little eel. And he's fearless (just like his uncle). I'm sure it will be fun!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Poker career of to a slow start.

Won $13 yesterday. Spent $60. Them sort of stats aint good. But finished just outside the money in $12 Gaurenteed $5000. Gutted but decent preformance.

Keep slogging sensibly.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Beckham has retired!!

First the death, now the autopsy. The England captain has fallen on his sword.

Why cant we do well at football??!! It is a hard life being an England fan.

Oh well, at least my poker playing is looking up. If I can just have a win like last night each month, it would make a nice bit of extra income. Might just afford a nice holiday this year.

Look how many chips Cash has!! And I gave it away to him. Damn!

peace out

My biggest win at poker

I have just come third in the Blue SQUARE $20,000 guarenteed and won $2200. My biggest win ever.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its hard being an England fan.

All they ever do is lose important matches.