Saturday, July 22, 2006

Must post more

Must post more or Kasia will be upset.

Elephant from Poland now lives next to the ostrich egg and Mouseman ashtray.

Went to see a Pink Floyd tribute band called Over the Wall in the grounds of Ripley Castle. They were excellent and the setting was fabulous with the lake and rolling green hills. The stately home in the background just set the scene. They finished with Another Brick In The Wall and Comfortly Numb. Fantastic!! Got very drunk with Craig, Lois, and Simon.

Nick and Chris have gone to the Wicker Man festival in Scotland where they build a giant wicker man and burn it. Sounds cool!!

Peace out.


Kasia said...

Hey Martin! No, I won't be upset if you ever stop blogging:)) How could I be???:)))
Anyway the elephants looks happy:))And btw - I got drunk too so cheers!:))

Martin said...

Thank you Kasia. I will persivere with the blogging.

And as for weekends, getting drunk is what they're for!!