Saturday, July 29, 2006

Space. Not the final frontier.

A few of my all-time favourite astonomy pictures, including my all-time favourite moon, Europa. What do you mean you dont have a favourite moon? You cant be happy with our own boring moon? lol. It just sits up there doing nothing but regulating our tides. BORING. Now Europa is covered with ice...which means under the ice there will be water (there WILL be geothermal springs under there. If you see what state Io and Ganymede are in as a result of Jupiters gravity and intense radiation you will be in no doubt)...and if you get water, and volcanic chemicals.....HEY PRESTO, you get life :). Why a Europa trip isnt on the top of everyones list of things to do, I dont understand.

Soon (ish) we will send men to Mars, should be in the next 10 years. Its the one good thing Bush as done, although he was only trying to emulate JFK. He aint half that Prez.

But the big thing on my horizon is the Planetary Finder. WHich is a series of telescopes linked by laser or something else. It would be apparently stong enough see actual planets orbitting distant stars. Now that would be cool!!

And notice I havent used the word Alien even once, lol.


Kasia said...

If ot's abbout Aliens - I love the movies about them:)))
And I guesss my favourite moon is our Moon. Silver, friendly and always there. :)

Martin said...