Saturday, July 29, 2006

No joy at the White Rose poker tournament

There is a 2 weekly/monthly poker club in Harrogate. £10 muti Tourney, about 70 to 100 players. Not done too well but did get down the 11th last time so thought I was improving, but not this week. My three Aces w/King got killed on river (last card) when an 8 came down making his pocket 88's into a Full House, which of course beat my three Aces w/K. :(

Poker....She is a cruel mistress.


Kasia said...

This is something I don't get! :)))I hate poker! :))))I really do. :)))But I wish you more luck playing it! Have fun!

Martin said...

Its a cruel game, but once you get hooked, its great. Go on. give it a go. Its exciting stuff, lol