Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plan B "The Recluse"

I worked on this video last month. It was a crazy shoot involving helicopters, mansions, and alligators!

Im currently doing Plan B's new feature film iLL Manors at the moment too, which is a scream. More on that when I can make the time to post :)

NSPCC advert "Everyday Choices"

I worked on this in July. It has already been selected as a contender for shot of the week in Shot magazine. Way to go Luke (the director)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Simons Cat in "The Box"

I've been crap at posting lately

No excuses, but I've just been so, damn busy!

Which is good on the one hand. I've genuinely had only 2 days off since 5th May. Some days are easier than others, but since 5th May I have only not worked twice, and you can believe I was thinking about work the whole time! lol

And it doesnt look set to end anytime soon either. After this currrent job, I think I go straight onto another job that will take me into December.

I cant complain. For a self-emplyed person, it is something I have to do, but damn! I just wish I had more a life sometimes! lol

If my scheming goes ahead though, I intend not to work in Dec/Jan very much. Lets see if I earn enough cash my the end of the next job to make that a reality!