Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rubins film mentioned on TV

The lovely Honor Blackman mentioned our latest film on the Paul O'Grady show last week. Cool! lol

Heres a link to the clip, but its on Facebook only.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009


We start filming tomorrow. 3 weeks in UK and 1 week Israel.

Wish me luck and see you on the other side!

Baby Hanna

My pen friend in Poland, the lovely Kasia has had a baby, the gorgeous Hanna. Congratulations to Kasia, Luca, and Hanna.

And she even shares the same birthday as me! :)

Seen in London - A cliché

As always, Click To Enlarge. Seen today, a jellied eel shop!


A dish so hideous sounding, that a Northerner (especially a non fish eater like me!)is convinced of our superiority to our Southern bastard cousins ;)

A dish traditionally from the East End of London. A common mans food. And fucking awful sounding! :( lol Along with chi-mer-knee sweeps, pearly kings & queens, and "my ol' mans a dust man" and "Any old iron" are all classic cockney East End clichés. And I saw one today.

Small things amuse :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I saw a mouse, where?

There on the stair, on in the kitchen anyways.

Yes, our lovely flat in Finsbury Park has a mouse infestation. Which means we have to lay down traps and other sticky things to try and catch them. We have actually caught 4 mouses now lol. And all on the sticky stuff we put down. So when we find them on a morning, they are alive and very unhappy with their lot.

So what do we do with a mouse thats stuck fast to a piece of cardboard in superglue? We have to drown the poor little blighters! I feel like such a murderer and feel my karma will suffer for this!

Ah, life in the big city!

The world according to USA