Sunday, September 12, 2010

I've been crap at posting lately

No excuses, but I've just been so, damn busy!

Which is good on the one hand. I've genuinely had only 2 days off since 5th May. Some days are easier than others, but since 5th May I have only not worked twice, and you can believe I was thinking about work the whole time! lol

And it doesnt look set to end anytime soon either. After this currrent job, I think I go straight onto another job that will take me into December.

I cant complain. For a self-emplyed person, it is something I have to do, but damn! I just wish I had more a life sometimes! lol

If my scheming goes ahead though, I intend not to work in Dec/Jan very much. Lets see if I earn enough cash my the end of the next job to make that a reality!

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