Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rain. Thank the Lord

Its raining out side. Horray. I dont like it when its too hot.

I hate my job. Yet I still go in at the weekend. I am a slave to the almighty dollar, or pound sterling, I should say!! lol

Mum & Dads holiday looks ruined in Spain. The villa is at the top of a rutted track so steep, that their hire care couldnt make it until they took all the luggage out of it. It is a sheer drop-off as well which has terified Mum and the kids. There is no wall around the villa (which is very nice, by the way), but no wall means that the boys, 3 and 6, could fall off a cliff if not supervised every moment. Thats no family holiday.

I have been emailling the German travel agent they used, but they are taking no responsibily. Mum says the jounrey up and down is so bad that the next time she goes down the track will be to go to the airport to go home!! God she's gonna be pissed when she gets home. Apparently she and Richard (my brother) have been at each others throats. Poor Dad had to ring me for a normal conversation, lol.

Decided to post a picture every post from the the fantatsic Astonomy Picture of the Day which is run by NASA. One of my other hobbies is cosmology. I think the Hubble telescope might just be the most important invention since the wheel (maybe!) . This is one of my favourite photos. It shows a jet fighter breaking the sound barrier.



Kasia said...

Is astronomy one of your passions? It looks so. :) Great!

Martin said...

Yes it is!! Got books and stuff on the subject.