Friday, April 06, 2007

Glastonbury Festival 2007

Horray! I got tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2007.

Glastonbury is the greatest festival in the world, with no other festival since the 60's capturing the fun and excesses of an outdoor music festival. And as one of the biggest festivals in the world, it offers some sights and sounds that are un-paralleled.

It has the whole hippy vibe going on that can be contagious. You cant beat sitting in a glade, or my the stone circle getting all at-one-with-the-universe. Cant wait!

Unfortunately, Glastonbury Festivals would only sell us tickets that had a mandatory coach journey attached to them. I had to pay £50 extra as the normal tickets were sold out. Now the website says the tickets will only be given out on the coach trip itself! They wont give the tickets to us before.

We were hoping to have a few extra days down south, but if we can not take a car, then how can we have a holiday? Public transport all the way? Fuck that! I have fired off an angry email. We will see what happens. As I have paid for these tickets, I firmly believe that these are my tickets to do with as I see fit. Not to be doled out to us like presents for good little boys when the organisors see fit!

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