Monday, August 07, 2006

Super cool photo of the Sun

Every now and again Astronomy Picture of the Day prints an photo that just blows me away. Today was no different. Viola.. A Solar Prominance. And a big one at that. Arnt we small? lol

Not much to report. Mum & Dad back from holiday and its the official worst holiday ever. And thats saying something. Poor sods!

I hate work and I hate poker (the tease!) but I like Ike. Sorry old US political joke :)

Peace out.


Kasia said...

The photo is really great. And yes we are so small. I have always that feeling of beeing small whenever I look at the stars at night. I feel like an ant.

Martin said...

Glad you like it. They say that all the religions strarted in the desert. They reckon Man looked at the sky and thought "I am so small. There must be somebody out there!".

Religion sucks :(