Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"We'll meet again. Dont know where, dont know when"

Ah, Stanley Kubrick knew his stuff.

Doctor Strangelove (Or How I Stopped Worrying About The Bomb) is one of my favourite movies. It is almost my favourite comedy of all time.

It contains three fantastic performances by Peter Sellars. It has some classic lines including the gem said by Peter Sellars as the US President to the Russian Ambassador and a general (played to perfection by George C Scott) who are currently fighting each other "No Fighting, gentlemen. This is the War Room!"

The final scene is a classic. A rogue bomber captained by Colonal Kong, played by the brilliant Slim Pickens (yes, really!) is going to bomb a Russian base. His radio is out and he doesnt know he has been recalled. The nuke is stuck in the bomb-bay. He sits straddling the bomb trying to release it when it suddenly releases with him still on it. And down he falls riding the bomb like a bucking bronco, waving his stetson going YeeHaw!!

And as the bomb explodes we get the lovley tones of Vera Lynn singing We'll meet again to the images of nukes going off. Classic!

Good ol' Glorious Leader. Obviously the world was too stable at the moment. Why not add a new nuclear arms race in Asia. Just what we all need.

Funny thing is, Nukes are quite pretty really.



Kasia said...

My favourite movie by Kubrick is "The lighting" with Jack Nicholson. I still have to have my lights on after seeing it.

Alexander said...

Oh yes I remember that scene. Disturbing scene. I managed to find the ending on YouTube. Notice a 'very' young James Earl Jones as the pilot. Regarding the North Korea thing, check this out for a good laugh :D

Martin said...

Very good. I enjoyed Team America (Fuck, yeah!) lol. Great music too (everybodies got AIDS)

Art imitating life, eh?

Who's going to bring Glorious Leader to task now though? China will never allow military action. He will go too far, then all hell will brake loose.

Worrying times