Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And the somewhere French speaking was......

Quebec! And a fantastic time was had!

I stayed in Montreal for a few days with my mate, then upto Lac Oiumert and Mont Tremblant for some skiing and even a Scandinavian Spa, complete with hottubs outside (at minus 10 and snowing!), and cold plunges that included the river at 2 degrees if you feel up for it lol And sauna that was at 94 degrees Fahrenheit!

A beautiful and interesting part of Canada. And most definately more French than not, lol. I couldn't recommend it more!


Alexander said...

Bloody hell indeed. And there I was thinking you were just over in France hehehe. Glad you liked it. How does it feel coming back to that 'different' cold of Britain? That cold which creeps into your bones.

Martin said...

I like to keep things interesting lol!

Im looking for an extended period of normality if I can manage it. ;)