Monday, August 24, 2009

The Golden Boy

We filmed a short film this weekend called the Golden Boy. It came about after I met the cameraman on the set of Rubins. It was designed as an opportunity to basically show off Dannys camera skills. He has his own Red (c) camera, a state of art High Def digital camera.

Danny, along with his friend Craig who is the director of TGB are also the cameraman and producer of Jack Osbornes adrenalin show where they go around the world with him doing crazy stuff (God, can I get that job? lol)

By cashing in loads of favours they got loads of great equipment like a camera arm (jib) and tracking. After that it was a case of where can we film to take full advantage of this top equipment. They got an award winning writer to pen a short film that is set in the heart of the City of London, and would feature some of the great landmarks..

TGB is a tale of loss and friendship, and follows 2 men as they follow the path of the Great Fire of London, just walking and talking. We start at Monument, which is by Pudding Lane (where the fire started), and end at The Golden Boy of Pye on Giltspur Street, opposite St Barts Hospital (where the fire ended). We filmed in the centre of the City of London, which is actually almost deserted on a night. This is the major banking centre of London, so when work ends it becomes almost deserted. Lovely place to play in :)

They cast a couple of great actors in it. Michael Jibson who was in The Bank Job with Jason Statham, and Philip Jackson, an absolute British TV legend, who has been in everything from Robin of Sherwood to Poirot (as Inspector Japp). Both were really nice guys, and top actors as well. The script is actually a gem, both poingnant and funny. I cant wait to see the final product.

My job was get get permission to film at these major landmarks like Monument and Guildhall Yard, which were actually far more dificult than I thought due to all sorts of regulations involving these places. But that was also a great learning curve for me too.

We may just have a gem on our hands. Cant wait!

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