Thursday, September 24, 2009

British Wildlife Photographer of the year

The winner! :)


dragonfly said...

I hope they are not photoshopped. Th quirrel is my favourite one. :)

Alexander said...

Amazing photos. Squirrel is hilarious, but my favourite is probably the second one. The Deer in the forest. He even captured the steam from the breathing. Superb!

dragonfly said...

Hi Alexander! :)

Alexander said...

Hi Kasia. How are things?

I noticed you ended your blog, some time ago.

How is the Baby?

And did you recover your Hard Disk?

Martin said...

Yes,hello Alexander! How are you doing matey?

Have you just come back from some exotic clime?

dragonfly said...

My Baby is fantastic:) Yes, I eneded my blog - i just didn't feel like writing..and now I don't have that much free time! :) And yes, i recovered my Hard disc! Thank God! And where is your blog? And how are you?

Alexander said...

Hi Martin. Blackpool,the Exotic distant clime to see an elderly relative was the last trip away from my area. No plans to travel out of the country at the moment.

I've been here in Britain since February time,working (my work contract ended recently though).

Considering the whole western world looks like it's on the verge of total economic implosion,our immediate future may be very interesting. I'm now so glad that I began travel from a younger age.

I'm sure you are,too (and Kasia).

Kasia,glad to hear your Baby is fine. Did you mention before if the Baby was Male or Female? Yeah I can understand how you wouldn't have much free time now. Still teaching? Oh I finished blogging long ago. Now and again I ponder putting one up again, but all I feel like doing is just sharing favourite music and things like that, like a personal scrap book.

I read the blog of one guy who made a post recently saying what he feels makes Blog posts readable. His man was - "What do you want to say to your readers, with whatever you're writing?".

All that sounds far too much like professional writing to me, and there's not really much I want to say,to warrant such pre-thought.

Martin is the only one left standing :D

Martin said...

Hey Blackpool is pretty exotic :p

Thanks for the big-up on the blog! :) I keep trying to be borderline interesting.

I think you're right about travelling and the world in general. I am reminded of the old Chinese curse "May you live in Interesting Times". I fear they may be right

dragonfly said...

I hope Martin will continue his blog forever! Where else would we all meet?? :)

My baby is a girl. Her name is Hanna and she was born September, 12th. She was the biggest infant in the hospital LOL (something around ten pounds)

Martin said...

I am very happy to keep my blog going just so we all have a place to meet! :D