Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The great APOD website from NASA has been busy in my absence online.


Alexander said...

1 : Moai - Easter Island.
2 : Space.....The Final Frontier.
3 : Somewhere like Singapore, perhaps?
4 : Capricorn One, Copter Pursuit :)
5 : First attempt at bread making?
6 : Devil's Tower,Wyoming.
7 : Mutara Nebula, Star Trek II ? :)

Martin said...

Some nice suggestions there. Well remembered on Capricorn 1 lol. But this craft DID get into space lol

The city is Hong Kong, and its showing an eclipse shadow bouncing of the all double glazing :)

And is it considered sad to know Star Trek nebulas by heart? ;)Kahhhhnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

And Iapetus is not a loaf of bread, but a rather pretty moon around Saturn :p

Alexander said...

It could be considered sadder that I had to look up the name of the Nebula on Google because I'd forgotten it. At one time, I could recite Khan's memorable - "He tasks me..." speech by heart. I'm slipping :o

dragonfly said...

The last A butterfly!!!