Friday, February 26, 2010

Just too awesome for words

I came across this fantastic clip of a 1970's Soviet Union lounge singer. I was sure it was a spoof, but I am assured it is not!

Lyrics? Who needs them! Bask in the beige glow and awesomeness of "I am very glad, because I'm finally back home";)


Alexander said...

LOL Oh that is priceless.

And Beige, your favourite colour too :D

On my first watch,I burst out into an Ab crunching laugh at 0:29 when he did a kind of self congratulatory shake of his head with closed eyes as if in utter disbelief at how profoundly awesome he. I tell ya, Sinatra really missed out by not having this song in his repetoire.

Alexander said...

Different era and style.

But I suppose I must reciprocate.

Below (be warned) is the notorious.

Novii God (Happy Xmas and New Year)

By early 90s Russian Boy Band Steklovata.

Beware. You won't watch it only once.

Martin said...


Oh sweet Jesus, Alexander! lol

Im speechless. Im not sure what was worse, the jumpers, the teeth, the stage presence, or the fact that all 4 had a face only a mother could love!

Surely once is enough? :D

Alexander said...

Lofty guy at the back,gets my sympathy. You can tell he likes to be out of sight ordinarily,but has been dragged before a camera for this particular seasonal video and feels very uncomfortable. The knitted sweater guy second to right, is thinking - "Don't usually get into the limelight,so I'm gonna milk this". Guy near him with dark brown top is - "Can't believe we allowed our producer to force us into this nonsense. I'm not going to try too hard to look interested. I'll just wiggle my head around and roll my eyes", and the short one with the turquoise top is really putting his heart and soul into it, bless him. Unfortunately it seemed he really believed he was going places with that particular song.

Alexander said...


Somebody found the original version of the song.

It's just as surreal :D

Martin said...

My God, its just as awesome in a totally different and wierd way.

Good find, Sherlock ;)

Anonymous said...

Alexander. You may this clip of Chistoph Waltz, who won the Oscar for his turn in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds somewhat relevent to our discussion

Martin said...

And that was me signed in differently somehow! lol


Alexander said...

Amazing and funny. Coverage of trololo has certainly reached "epidemic" and "unprecedented proportions" now. After your video, I found a Russian video report where they've tracked down the Brown suited man himself (now looking eerily like Norman Wisdom ), and they even manage to get him to sing part of the song (superb!!). I can't understand what he is saying, but I can guess it's something along the lines of - "Blast from the past or what? How easily amused people are. Myself, I'm f***ing freezing right now. Can I go back in my house now, please?"

Alexander said...

More insight.

"Lyrics were written for it, but they were poor. I mean, they were good, but one couldn't publish them at that time. They contained words like these: "I'm riding my stallion, so-and-so mustang, and my beloved Mary is thousand miles away knitting a stocking for me". Of course, we failed to publish it at that time, and we, Arkady Ostrovsky and I, decided to make it a vocalise. But the essence remained in the title. Yes, it's a little prankish – it has no lyrics, so we had to make up something for people would listen to it, and so there was an interesting arrangement." ~ Eduard Khil

And earlier footage of him singing it in a rather manic way.

The stuff of legends.