Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charity rappers

I've just done 3 days on a rap video/charity promo for a band called LZ7. They work with a Manchester based youth charity called The Message. They go into schools and try keep under-priviledged kids out of trouble. All good stuff really.

They were filming the video for their new song "This Little Light Of Mine", plus were also filming a promo for The Message about "Random Acts of Kindness". Which was basically showing that just because a teenager is wearing a hoody, that they're not a little thug who's about to mug an old lady. So lots of little clips of teenagers helping people in broken-down cars or delivering milk to old ladie. All good stuff :)

Its the first music video I've done, and they brought some really cool lights and stuff with them, plus hired in a Jimmy Jib, which is a sweet-ass camera-arm on track, which can do all sorts of cool things.

A pretty, damn cool few days :)

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