Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'll save you, Mr President!

Maybe its the kid in me, but I get a small kick everytime I put my covert earpiece on my walkie-talky in. I feel like I'm a member of the American Secret Service.

Only problem is, after many years of loud clubs, I think I'm a bit deaf. And when I've got the covert in I can hardly hear a bloody thing! I have to cup my hand around my good ear and say something like "Speak up, Sonny!". Not a good look lol

And god help if I get an urgent phonecall to the other ear! My brain certainly can't handle too many (most likely) urgent or important phonecalls in different ears at the same time. My brains shuts down and I usually go Errrrrrrrrrr!

Still, looks good though lol


Alexander said...

I understand.

It's the Jason Bourne Syndrome :D

dragonfly said...

I have that syndrome too. It must be contageous.