Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Harbin ice festival in China

The annual Ice Festival was gotten under way in Harbin, China.

Absolutely stunning, really!


Nick Vernon said...

Beautiful ice-piccies mate. Guess who's got a

Check it out, with much thanks for the inspiration.

Alexander said...

Ah the Harbin ice festival. One of those "nearly saw that" moments. Was up in northern China one year and heard it was going on, but was heading in a slightly different direction with a few folks and their time restraints meant a diversion wasn't possible. Prior to that there were rumours that they'd put the idea on ice for that year. Others said they'd given it the cold shoulder.

Martin said...

Did you end up at the comedy pun college then, Alexander?


Alexander said...

Terrible, weren't they. Getting more like my father everyday (which i suppose isn't surprising considering he played more than a small part in my creation). Aaaaanyway, time for bed me thinks. Only had 3 hours sleep last night. Sleep. Muuust sleeeeeep. Zzzzzz!!!