Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Victoria Falls from the air

I've been a-scanning!

Done my photos from the stunning microlight flight I did over Victoria Falls in 2005, as well as our week long trip to Prague in 2001. Photos from Amsterdam 2003 and Sharm El Sheik in 2004 are sadly missing.

I lost my camera on one trip, and was in no fit state to take pictures on the other. I will let you guess which one is which.



Alexander said...

Crikey, NOW THAT is a good set of photos to have in your photo album. On another note, how many figures did the cost of that over flight, run into? :D

Martin said...

You know, it wasnt too bad. I think it was about $100. But it was only 15 mins long.

Still, pretty damn spellbinding!