Thursday, March 20, 2008

Business cards

The fantastic people at run a monthly crew network meeting in Leeds, and I was able to attend for the first time - now that I have some actual experience and production credits to my name.

Business cards seem to be the currency in this work, so I had my own made up. One trip to the train station to use that machine they have, and viola! I am a now a professional! lol

As you can see I picked many up myself, and dished out a few off my own. I met some great people who all have a variety of projects in development. Hopefully I can work with some of them.

And finally, I may have a interview in London for a producers job in the next couple of weeks too. :)

Eyes, toes, and fingers crossed! lol Wish me luck!


Katarzyna said...

Good luck!!! :)

Martin said...

Hey Kazia!!

Nice to hear from you again :)

I hope all is well in Poland, and married life is suiting you well!

Andy said...

Screen Yorkshire? Isn't that Rupert Creed's thang? Or am I getting confused?

Andy said...

Ah, should probably have done this before my last post but nevermind...I just Google'd him and Rupert is involved with Script Yorkshire, not Screen Yorkshire...

...hey, I was close ;-) Good luck chief, hope it all works out. And also (if you haven't already) try and get hold of a movie called 'Once Were Warriors'. It kick-started Temuera Morrison's career (Jango Fett) and was a small independant movie that became New Zealand's beggest ever film.

'The novel and movie stimulated public reaction within New Zealand and began to generate support for policy changes'