Friday, March 07, 2008

Metropolis - Sweet 15

I was out and about with a film crew again today. Peter has been commissioned to do a short documentary for Dutch TV. If they like the one he's shooting they will commission another 15 from him under a title called Metropolis.

Peters subject was a young girl he met from his shoot in Goole last year on the Goole Silent Movie Project This young lass doesnt have a TV in her home, and only got internet 2 weeks ago (she's 15 poor girl!) - but she does go to the cinema loads, and now wants to be a film maker. So is the subject.

So we were around Goole docks today, and Cineworld in Castleford filming cut-aways and external shots. All a bit of a laugh. But the best thing is, I get to call myself a TV researcher now lol, and TV production assistant. All the more entries on my CV :)

And the funny thing is, is Peter does the get the commission, then he intends to do one of the docs on me and my poker playing!! From the angle that I play in 3 different formats. I play online, and sometimes 5 tables at once; I play down a proper poker club in a live game; and every week I play in a home game. Peter has ideas of filming me in each of the places I play poker. The Thursday Night Poker Crew are on stand-by to maybe have to behave themselves for once lol.

We'll see! lol And check out another of my cameos, as Feet Walking Up Stairs In Cinema :D


Nick Vernon said...

I would be gutted not to be there for the filmed game! How can we not put on the legendary Vernon-Tilt's on celluloide?


Will they call the documentary 'Triumph'or 'Disaster'? lol

Martin said...

We would be gutted not to have you there too! We'll get a mention of our Man Downunder, don't worry! Can't really believe that Peter wants to do this, but what the hell! lol

Andy said...

How about a live webcam streaming with the Vern on some laptop or other sat at the table? We'll get a proxy to show his cards to the's all good!