Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Presenting - Bitten

I am very pleased and proud to finally get to show you Bitten. The first of the short films I worked on in February. In this bloggers opinion, it rocks!! lol And looks fab in High Def too.

As I said bcak in February, Bitten is a PROPER horror film. So viewers discretion is advised! lol I do hope you all enjoy it!

Presenting - Bitten!

Bitten from Duncan Laing on Vimeo.


Nick Vernon said...

FANG-FUCKING-TASTIC mate! Totally loved it. Pass on my compliments to Duncan.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it mate.

Hope to be able to show you Cinema of Horror soon.


Alexander said...

Great stuff. What's the sequel going to be called? "Once Bitten, twice Shy?" :D I loved the emphasis on the sound of breathing, showing the different states she was in. With my connection it played in a rather jerky manner for some reason throughout, but never mind. :)