Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Interrobang

I've discovered that there is an unused symbol in written English which is a cross between a Question Mark and a Punctuation Mark. It is called an Interrobang.

As someone who exclaims a lot in life this would be a perfect tool for me, as the "!?" or "?!" is just not classy enough for me lol

I was going to set a group up on facebook lol, but I found that I had been beaten to it. Can you believe it, but the group has 1800 memebers?! <---- great place for an interrobang there lol

So please consider promoting the use of the interrobang wherever you can. There are poor people in this world who exclaim more than they should, and need this tool to help them do it! ;)


Alexander said...

Great! I'd use that a lot!!!!!!

But, is it on my keyboard !?! (looking)

Martin said...

Always thought you were an exclaimer, Alexander ;)

I think its under wingdings somewhere lol

Mitmac said...

What a great symbol!

Let's start a campaign to get one on the standard keyboard?!?!?!?!?!