Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Royal graffiti

We've upscaled the house requirements for Expose. Gone is the farmhouse/cottage, now we are looking for a Country House/Manor house lol.

I have visited some AMAZING places recently. Some incredible houses with so much history sloshing around that I they dont know what to do with it!

One house, Great Tangley Manor has a room made from the beams of captured Spanish Galleons from the Armarda! lol. But also this house has had a few kings stay over the years. And there seems to be a trend of the Monarch scratching their name into a set of windows! lol. King George and Queen Mary, and King Edward VIII (who was called Albert)

But still looking for the prefect house. There are actually so many I dont know where to start! loo. Fingers crossed.

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Foxy said...

WOW! Royal historical graffiti!