Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cinema of Horror premier at BIFF & Let The Right One In review

I finally got to see the final cut of Cinema of Horror at the Bradford International Film Festival. CoH was the 2nd of the short films that I worked on last February and is the baby of my friend Peter Kershaw of Duchy Parade Films. Peter was the guy who I first approached for work when I tried to get into films, so it was great to see all his work come to fruition. Plus it was a lovely chance to catch up with everyone I worked with on that film, including my good friend Duncan Laing.

Cinema of Horror
is now going to do the festival circuit and is already going to be shown in both Hull and Mumbai (nice variety lol), plus many many more around the globe. I wish it well as its a great little piece of cinema, with suitable amounts of gore, comedy, and bollywood dancing ;)Also, my name don't look too bad on a 30 foot screen! Could get used to that! lol ;)

CoH preceded a horror film at the showing. It is a Swedish vampire film called Let The Right One In. All I can say is how blown away I was by that as well. Set in the 80's in Sweden its so much more than a vamp tale. Its protagonists are a 12 year old bullied boy, and a 12 year old girl vampire although she does say "I've been 12 for a long time". Its parts love story, social drama, coming of age tale, and balls out vampire flick! Thought-provoking, beautifully shot, and an ending that although is not ambiguous in itself, also causes vastly swinging opinions on whether its beautiful and touching, or downright creepy and heartbreaking.

And any film that can cause that much debate on what it means can not be a bad thing. This reviewer thoroughly recommends it!

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Mitmac said...

Cool! You'll have to let me know when it's coming to Hull so I can see your name in lights