Sunday, April 26, 2009

Never say Neverland

The following photos are of items seized from Michael Jacksons Neverland ranch. This lot must be a psychologists dream - from statues of children, statues of Michael as a knight or a king. Cartoons of him as Peter Pan, a gold Scrabble set!!!, and even Edward Scissorhands hands! lol.

What a sad end to a man who was genuinely the King of Pop, and a world icon at one time. This is what happens if you never say no to a child. A genuinely disturbing look into the mans psyche! How the mighty have fallen.


dragonfly said...

It's really really scary... I respect Michael so much as an artist - but a human being he is just ridiculous, miserable, sick man.. . And why are his own children white? I never understood this!

Martin said...

It is really sad. He is going to be playing a load on concerts here in London, and they're all sold out. So he still has a big fan base..... but he'll never be as big as he once was.

And yeah, whats with those kids? Poor little devils !