Tuesday, June 09, 2009

That's a wrap!

Finally finished on Rubins yesterday. Principle photography has now moved to South Africa for a week, but I haven't lol

James Callis proved to be an absolute gent by buying the crew champagne and chocolates for the whole crew :)As was Timothy Spall.

And I finally got my cameo as Man in post office queue with Tim lol. Absolute Oscar shoe-in ;)

So onto the next thing, which is a promo for Seimans about a new train and involves taking some Germans around London train stations lol

Now just the wrap party!


Deniselle said...

Awww, James! So sweet of him. (What kind of chocolates?)

I'm gonna look for you in that movie! :D Do you have any idea if it's coming to cinemas in Europe, or is it more like a UK-only thing?

Wesoly said...

Wow! Congratulations on the film! Start your Oscar campaigning NOW.

Aw...James really is a nice guy! :D

I'll keep checking your blog for more projects--you have a very interesting life! :)

Deniselle said...

Can I just ask, when you say "principle photography" - does that mean they're only filming exterior shots and stuff, or is the cast also filming scenes in South Africa?

dragonfly said...

So a new star for a Hollywood Walk of Fame! :) Congrats! :))

Martin said...

Thanks for the comments everyone lol

Deniselle, principal photography is the main bulk of the film. You also have second unit stuff which usually doesnt involve the actors, or pick-ups for any shots we missed or suddenly decide we need another shot.

So principal photography has ended in UK, but has now moved to South Africa for a week. When that ends (today) then any other stuff that may need tp be shot will be pick-ups and second unit stuff. But all low key and wothout the actors.

Hope that helps :)

Alexander said...

That looks eerily like most local post office. Mind you, I think they follow a standard design forumla in these places and that explains it.