Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Today showed the death of the King of Pop. The international outpouring of grief and the shear volume of press generated shows that he was still one of most famous men in the whole world.

A troubled man who is living proof that pushy parents and life in the public eye is a most unhealthy thing sometimes. Yet was undoubtedly one the greatest performers ever. I'm conflicted as some of the stories surrounding him are most uncomfortable, yet he wrote Thriller. The hands down greatest music video ever made. He sold a quarter of a billion albums in his albums, and permiated the public conscience in a way few performers ever do. His impact on popular culture cannot be underestimated as can be demonstrated by the below video.

RIP Michael Jackson.


dragonfly said...

He was crazy, but he was ONE OF THE GREATEST!!! I think I'm gonna miss him - "Bad" made my childhood really festive. RIP

Wesoly said...

Wow, that video is amazing. What an icon he remains.

Alexander said...


Alexander said...

Mike's work with the Jackson 5 is my favourite, really. I mean, Blame it on the Boogie is a gem of bubbly fun. Maybe it's because I love songs like Cosmic Girl from Jamiorquai. The musical format is so similar.

Mike appears so joyous in the Blame it on the Boogie video. Such happy eyes and a beautiful smile.

It's such a shame that he's one of those famous people who didn't go out young in a blaze of glory like James Dean, but experienced a slow but sure decline and deterioration over the years until a very pitiful end of wrecked isolation.