Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Canyons and cliffs

I have been posting a lot of Earthbound posts recently. To take a break from Earthly pleasures, I shall post some extra-terrestrial photos too.

I came across this magnificent picture of some cliffs at Mars' north pole. They are 2km high! Fantastic!

But not the biggest in our solar system. On planet Earth it is not the Grand Canyon that is our deepest canyon, but the Colca Canyon in Peru, where the cliffs drop over 4.5km deep.

But even they pale into insignificance when we look at Verona Rupes on Uranus' moon Miranda. We have cliffs a staggering 2okm high!! Boy I would love to see an up-close photo of them!!


Alexander said...

Cool. 20km hıgh? Just imagıne the bunjy jump (LOL). I lıke that pıcture wıth the feet. Remınds me a lot of one I took of my own feet at Cheddar Gorge (my frequent "Away from the world to contemplate lıfe" destınatıon) overlookıng the clıffs and vıllage below. I saw parts of the Colca Canyon ın Peru ten years ago. But I dıd not get to the deepest part. There are treks people can do up and down the sıdes, but ıt needs lots of pre-plannıng of routes and self suffıcıency ın terms of supplıes. For now, Cheddar Gorge wıll do :)))

Martin said...

cool mate. Still not been taken hostage yet? Good!