Saturday, July 21, 2007

Slogans, posters, and graffiti

Almost finished my Italy stuff (phew!).

These next photos are off art and paintings that are still visable on some buildings. The thing I love the most, is that they are of advertising slogans, public announcements about standing for election or running for office, and some graffiti! If I could read them they, wouldnt be out of place today.

I cannot tell you who says what. or what they mean, but one of them says a man has pox! We will never know if the man had pox, or not; but I just love that 2000 years ago, some little shit was writing it on a wall. Just like I did, when I was a little shit 1980 years later!


Dragonfly said...

Martin - write something on a wall! Maybe some nice young man will find it in 2000 years. :)

Martin said...

Its one form of imortalilty ;)