Sunday, July 15, 2007


I am never going to be able to show all of the sites of Pompeii in one post. You fail to appriciate that Pompeii is a whole town. There are streets and streets of things to see. I shall do a few short posts showing various topics.

This is a fantastic interactive map of Pompeii that will show you where I was.

I traveled from Rome, and I got to Pompeii, which is south of Naples, at 3.30pm. I originally wanted to go to Versuvius but the bus ended at 3pm! So I found myself on a rainy afternoon wandering around the mainly deserted streets of Pompeii. For a long time I seemed to be on my own, until I caught up with various partys of schoolchildren (Kasia, I hope your kids are better behaved than the French little shits who were running amock with barely a long haired, bearded hippy teacher in sight!).

It was more than a little eyrie wandering around those streets, and it didnt taken much imagination to see the roman daily life all around me. A very good day out.

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