Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cinema of Horror - Day 3

What a day!! Duncan and I were woke at 7.30 with news that the sound guy's back was well and truly knackered, and instructions to find a new one ASAP

Duncan found someone from Dundee! who jumped in his car and was with us by 1.30. He didnt have any equipment of his own thought, and our sound man was talking his own umpteen thousand pound sound kit home with him.

So I drove was sent down to Sheffield to borrow some kit from someone down there. When we got it back, turned out some key equipment was missing. So off I went to rent some from a company in Leeds (during rush hour). And no dialogue could be recorded until we got it!

Then our problems with parking in Leeds started....... That's for another day.

Onwards and Upwards!

PS. Look out for another award winning performance from me as Man Looking at DVD's ;)

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