Monday, February 18, 2008

Me and my new flat mate Henry

So I rescued a piano and moved him into my spare room!

The piano was left in the empty property we shot Bitten in, along with the detritus of the previous tenants - including her wedding dress, the vac, toaster, all the rubbish in the bins, and too many cotton buds and sanitary towels! ( damn chavs!)

The workmen were going to just chuck it in the skip!! And I couldn't bear the thought of that as piano smashing is right up there with book burning in my personal list of high crimes and treasons; so after the shoot, I hired a van and roped 3 friends into helping me carry it up 4 flights on stairs (thanks to Dave, Barry, and Chris!). All sorts of bruises and pulled muscles abound as we had a Chuckle Brothers moment "To you!"

It was fooking filthy and I had to spend hours spring cleaning it lol. But now, I am the owner of a white! up-right piano! :)

I posted on a forum that I had a piano, and someone asked me what its name was. That was a tough one as I never name inanimate objects (and usually think only silly people do that), but I had a think about it and decided to call him Henry, an obviously good name for a piano (well I couldn't have called him Nigel now, could I?) And it had to be a boys name now as well ;)

So I told me friend the pianos new name, and he mailed back to say, what was the name of the make of the piano!! Yes I felt silly lol

And the final not even a proper white piano. The chavvy fuckers painted it white!!! Its been Duluxed!! Oh well, he's still luverly!! ;)


Rigs said...

They PAINTED the piano! Muppets!

Glad you got a piano for free, they don't come cheap!

How did the neighbours take the news of you owning a piano? :)

Alexander said...

Hey, i'll have you know that the so called "chav" (as you put it), who painted it white, was playing that very piano in this video. Might be worth a bit more than you realize :D

Martin said...

Good choice of music, as usual! lol

Boy Id love that piano Mmmm lol

Nick Vernon said...

Sweet mate. Does it sound like one of those piano's that was old and broken in a 50s western, and is now further suitably aged? How many keys play the same pitch? lol

And surely, having ruined it already, it would not be unfair to further paint the beasty in your own colours...get Lee to do you a mural?