Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cinema of Horror - Day 4

Wow, an almost gremlin free day, although the weather did its best to ruin it for us.

I'm home early today as we are filming scenes in a 14th floor luxury flat in Leeds, but it isn't big enough for the usual 20 or so cast and crew. So a scaled-down crew is shooting the scenes there. I instead ferried actors home, dropped off equipment, and came home to do some emails for a couple of hours - although I will be out again at about 10 for a couple of hours lol. What long days film days are - so its nice to have a couple of hours at home :)

We filmed the Bollywood dance number today, with 14 extra dancers, and 9 extra make-up girls! lol. But it looked fantastic. Cant wait to see what that looks like at the end.

But, of course there was still time for some zombies. This is Cinema Of Horror after all!!

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