Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hancock & The Happening

There are a couple of movies coming out that I am very interested in.

First, there is Will Smiths new one Hancock - about a dysfunctional superhero. I've known about this one for a while. It has the best premise ever! It is based on a graphic novel (arnt they all) called Tonight, He Comes. And the basic premsise is of a superhero who is sexually frustrated because he can never have sex because his ejaculation is too powerful! Serious, thats the basic premise!! I'm not sure how much of that carries over into Hancock. See, Hancock & Tonight, He Comes? lol They've chosen the names well! Either way, it looks really funny, and I cant wait to see it.

The next one is M Night Shayamalans new one (The Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable). It was first called The Green Effect, before taking the new name The Happening. And the basic premise as I understand it, is Mother Nature releasing some toxin that makes humans kill themselves! M Night is a genius at creating tensions, and I personally really rate him as a filmmaker and writer. The trailers look amazing, and I officially now can't wait for this one either!

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