Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Sphynx cat

I came across these critters, Spooky and Leon somewhere online. I was fascinated by them and did a bit of research. Behold, the either hideous or cute Sphynx cat. I leave it up to you which it is! :)

The sphynx was first brought to Britain from Canada by Jan Plumb, 62, from Enfield, in 1988. She said: "It's a natural mutation. The first one was born in the mid- Sixties in Ontario."

A breeder of Siamese cats mated the hairless male with its mother which produced half a litter of hairless cats and so the sphynx was developed.

Mrs Plumb said: "Stroking it is like stroking a warm peach. They are very people-orientated. They talk to you. They are mischievous. If you want a lively cat, get a sphynx."

Sphynxes are said to be champion purrers, is very people-orientated and affectionate. They love attention! They will greet their owner when they come home and are very talkative. They are highly intelligent, playful, cuddly, often described as being "part dog, part child, part monkey, and part cat" - They like to snuggle next to you to sleep and they want to be under the covers. They have fun playing with appropriate cat toys and table tennis balls, most of all, they really love affection from their owner. Some owners have described the Sphynx as a "clown cat" - with it twisting and turning in mid-air and other antics it certainly can be a very humorous cat at times.

Sphynxes are essentially indoor cats as they have so little protection from adverse weather, and they do not like resting on cold surfaces. Their body temperature is a degree or two above the average for normal cats and they have voracious appetites to compensate for the heat loss.

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WOW! Hey! Those are my cats! Leon, Spooky, and I are totally excited we made your blog!

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