Thursday, May 08, 2008

Want to be an astronaut?

I DO!!!!!!!!

ESA (European Space Agency) is recruiting for new astronauts!! And I want to apply!! But do I have what it takes? Hmmmm?

A high level of education in scientific or technical disciplines, coupled with an outstanding professional background in research, application or education fields possibly supported by the use of computer systems and applications, is essential. Previous experience with aircraft operations is a bonus, particularly if it involved responsible tasks such as being a test pilot or flight engineer. The more skills and experience an applicant has the better, as this will increase their ability to undertake a variety of tasks.

Equally essential is excellent physical condition. Astronauts have to undergo intensive periods of training and may participate in spaceflights that last for months. During this time their body will be subject to a great deal of stress and good health and physical endurance are essential.

I guess thats a NO then. Looks like I'm waiting for commercial space flight to become cheap as chips. :(


Alexander said...

Mmm, I heard somewhere that British hopefulls would be at a huge disadvantage because funding had been withdrawn from supporting such things in Britain. Heard it on the Beeb. I don't know if it's true or not.

Martin said...

It most certainly is true!!

Britain is actually a fucking pariah is international space circles over this. It started with us pulling our funding for a telescope that we were in partnership with with 5 other countries!!

I lay this at the feet of bastard Brown!!

for shame!