Friday, September 05, 2008

Amnesty International short film - 42 Days

I was on set yesterday as a Production Runner on a short film being made for Amnesty International by a TV production company in London called Stink TV (lol!). It was an AMAZING day. The directors, who call themselves Dark Fibre, have made 2 other short virals (as they call them) for Amnesty on subjects such as the US use of waterboarding as an acceptable interrogation method for prisoners. Please visit Stinks (lol) website and click on the link marked "Dark Fibre/Amnesty" to see an example of their work. It was great to be working for such a worthy organisation as Amnesty.

As you can see it is pretty powerful stuff. This particular short is about the 42 days detention without charge rule that we now have in this country. The theme of the film was people sleepwalking, and ending up sleepwalking into prison. It was pretty evocative stuff, as they had 4 principle actors and a load of other extras sleepwalking in the nightclothes or underwear, and ending up in prison cells!

We filmed for half the day at the old Jail in Scarborough, which is now part of the council depot, but still has the classic 3 floors prison look about it. An amazing place to see. The second part at night was in a residential cul-de-sac, where the people would slowly sleepwalk out of their beds and into the street.

The directors obviously have a very visual style, so for every take they had the actors slowly walk forward in a daze, then halfway through they would all start walking backwards. This is apparently because if you shoot people walking backwards and then play the film backwards itself, it has them walking forwards in a very unusual style! LOL.

It sure looked amazing and evocative though! All these people in their underclothes, walking backwards and forwards around a jail, and down a deserted street at 1am. Amazing stuff. I cant wait to see it when its finished.

All in all, a great days work! I got back to my hotel at 3.30am (after the requisite couple of beers. Would have been rude not to!) And yes, it was BLOODY FREEZING for the actor lol. We had blankets and hotwater bottles on standby for them. They were suffering for their art on this one!

PS. The food was amazing lol. High-class cakes and chocolates all day followed by 2 huge meals with puddings :) I could eat like this all the time lol.

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