Saturday, September 20, 2008

It pops balloons!

This high power green laser is so powerful it is able to cut through black tape and pop balloons ! Its average power output is an amazing 75-99mW. It has typical peak output power of 115mW. Thats about 100 times more powerful than most laser pointers on the market. Point it up at the sky at night and you see a visible beam as far as the eye can see.


Weight: 762g approx
Wavelength: 532nm (green)
beam Diameter: < 1.5mm
Output Power: 75-99mW
Safety features: Aperture Shutter, Master Key Switch, Output Indicator LED, 2-second delay, Safety Interlock Dongle
Tested life span: 5000 hours (continuous use)
Diode MTTF: 5000 hours
Dimensions: 190mm X 38mm
Power Supply: 2 X 1.5V "C" batteries
Class: Class IIIb laser product

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Rigs said...

It's awesome.

I wants it!