Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ever wished you could get your own copies of clips or music from Youtube?

Well this website will do that for you. Its a file conversion site. You paste your URL into the zamzar website, put in an email address. Then they will convert it to whatever file type you like, and email you link to pick up your newly converted file from Zamzar again.

So if you just want the audio from a Youtube clip, then you set it to MP3 or whatever other audio file you want. If you want a copy of the youtube clip, then set it to AVI or MP4.

Its great fun! I've been converting converting all sorts of rare clips into AVI's. And I've also got hold of a couple of ultra rare dance tunes in MP3.

But I'm most happy I've got the music video for the Annie Lennox song Little Bird. I only watched this video for the first time a few weeks ago and was blown away by it. I've tried to find a copy online, but it turns out this video is rarer than rocking horse shit! So this grainy copy on Youtube is the only place I have ever come across it - until now! Grainy or not, this is my new favourite music video ever! lol.

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