Sunday, October 05, 2008

And we're off again

I have just landed my first feature film as Location Manager!

It is another Bollywood film, and came around from my involvement with the previous one Showman. The Line Producer Umran is the brother of someone I worked with on Showman, called Danni who was the bodyguard of Govinda when he was on the shoot.

They originally wanted Sue Bellarby, the Location Manager of Showman who was my boss, but she is already doing 2 Bollywoods back to back in Newcastle lol. So Danni said, what about Martin?

Its a small production with only 15 crew, so they are going to give me my first shot at the big job lol

I has some rather interesting stuff for me to find, including a hospital with operating theatre, a courtroom, a prison cell and an airport! lol. Another day at the park.

Oh, and thats by 15th October! When start shooting then.

Wish me luck. I'll be firing on all cylinders for the next few weeks!

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