Sunday, October 19, 2008


It was my very good friend Barrys stag do yesterday.

We started off with paint balling in Wakefield. That was an absolute scream, and all of us, me especially, are sporting large and attractive bruises all over our bodies. Paint balls hurt!! lol Barry got shot in the next a point blank range and has the nastiest big bruise (that looks like the love bit from hell), and was NOT a happy camper for a while lol. But then (with a pair of stag antlers on his head), did a sudden death run at the end where we all just shot him as many times as we could! lol. Good times :)

It was a great day also because virtually EVERYONE was there, including both Lois and Craig at the same event, which to those who know them and their history, is plain amazing! A sure sign that everyone is growing up now lol

I've known Barry for 10 years ever since we worked together at the infamous La Bergerie in Harrogate, and even dragged him to Egypt in 2000 for a holiday that he still has never forgotten lol ;) And now he's getting married! Bloody hell! lol

In the evening we went for a meal in Leeds, at a restaurant in Millennium Square and found that the Ladyboys of Thailand were putting on a show outside lol. We then went to The Birdcage in Leeds, a tranny club that puts on cabaret. Nothing to do with me, honest! lol. Someone got free tickets and I just tagged along. Much drunken dancing to 80's classics occurred.

Then back to Simon and Lois for many more drinks. Which ended with the last 6 of us drunken singing in their kitchen at 4 in the morning to American Pie! Honestly, what a fantastic night with my friends! :)

Next the wedding on the 7th November. Can't imagine that it'll be a quiet one ;) hehehe


Nick Vernon said...

gutted couldn't be there but glad you had a blast mate, after all 6am is about my finishing time normally too!

dragonfly said...

You can always go to the wedding and say loud to all the noble guests: Let's party! :)
The pics are great and the party looks so MUCH fun indeed! :)