Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today I met a llama

Didnt think I would be seeing one of those today! lol

I've got a new job whilst waiting for the Indians, or the Home Office, or whoever the fuck is making my life difficult. I got a phonecall from a producer of a programme for BBC Learning Zone all about Literacy. They are making a programme with a series of readings of famous poems, both in a period and modern setting; as well as sketches that demonstrate failures to communicate in funny ways, and various other bits and pieces all designed to make learning a damn site for interesting than when I was at school. All in all, a very worthy bit of filmmaking.

I have been contracted to do 3 days scouting now, then a weeks shoot in December (Mmmm, nice and toasty time to be stood outside all day!). So all is good, at least for the next few days lol

So I found myself in Newby Hall and Gardens again, a place we filmed at during the previous Bollywood film so I know it quite well. Whilst wandering around the gardens taking photos, the resident llama came running up to us to say hello! lol And what a beautiful creature he is, although is apparently a nuisance and gets everywhere he shouldn't. But he's lovely, and followed us for a while as I wandered around. Didn't think I'd be meeting a llama today. :)

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Nick Vernon said...

Lol crazy little buggers aren't they? Like a bastard-camel-horse with giraffe lips and the temprament of a drunk Scotsman.