Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The standard of grace and an occasion for admiration

"Hi my dear!!! At you very attractive appearance. The standard of grace and an occasion for admiration. And what you about me think? The Magnificent beauty! To pleasantly eye! Perhaps, we can find common language? You very nice. Write to me as there will be time... My e-mail calaty@yoladom.ru. I shall wait very much for your letter. Dima!!"

Received by email! I feel so lucky lol. So much nicer than the usual spam I get. I always wanted a Russian bride too ;)


Alexander said...

Ah, what flattering comments seeing reaching your direction. Lucky, you ARE. Yoda, perhaps author? Case whatever, Dima is short for Dimitri so lucky you ARE!! From High Home of Snows, Nepal, profound greetings from.

Martin said...

Well hello Alexander!! How nice to hear from you again :) And I hope its not too cold in Nepal at the moment. Hows the view? ;)

Do keep in touch :) send me an email sometime about what/where your up to


PS. Yeah, guessed it was a Dmitry lol. He was a little too lovely to be sending me emails lol. Plus he could still be my bride ( but not in California) ;)

Safe travels, mate!

dragonfly said...