Thursday, January 29, 2009

Up's a comin'

Its official. Pixar are my favourite movie makers at the moment. I can't think of another film* other than Up (perhaps James Camerons Avatar in 3D!!) that I am looking forward to more. This new poster has a dog in it. Apparently its a marvel in animation as well as comedy. Bring on the dog, and apparently the squirrel, I say!

* Peter Jackson's the Hobbit doesnt count as it is 3 years away :(

"Hey folks, Harry here... Ok, this isn't a film about a squirrel... as far as you know... but those of us that were at BUTT-NUMB-A-THON X... we feel differently. It is all about the squirrel. Not that we saw one. Not yet. But this will be one of the best films you see this year. Well, at the very least one of the best first halves of a film you see this year. Haven't seen the second half yet, but I bet it is amazing. This latest poster introduces us to a new character. A dog. That dog is AMAZING. So amazing because they allow the dog to still be a dog, while also being amazingly communicative."

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