Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl spots

Its the Superbowl today in US. So why am I bothered about that? Not because I am a fan of that crappy poor-mans rugby for girly-men, but because during the commercials they famously show the best trailers for the upcoming summer blockbusters. They also show the very best commercials too. This is because it is the most watched thing on US television - and as such the advertising is the most expensive going. I think its in the region of millions of dollars for one 30 second commercial. So at those prices everyone puts their very best things on display.

So new trailers for Star Trek, Transformers, Up, GI Joe, Fast & Furious, and some other movies just coming onto my radar. Like Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters) new film Year One, and Will Ferrells new comedy Land of the Lost.

Enjoy the flashy pics, and decide whether you will be spending any of your hard earned bucks this year at the cinema. And whats GI Joe doing looking so good? lol. But Transformers was a terrible movie in my opinion, regardless of its FX budget. So even though the next one looks quite cool, I do not hold much hope of it moving beyond piss and fart jokes for 12 year olds. *sighs*

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