Thursday, February 12, 2009

Slow/Snow week

Not much to report at the moment. Its been a slow week thanks to the snow. Snow, as it turns out, is not what documentary filmmakers want everywhere when they are doing a programme about trains lol. So until the snow lifts, then no filming for us.

So I am sat at home rather bored and broke. Things in pipelines and on horizons are all very well, but they don't pay the bills!

Damn snow! But on a bright note, it did allow me to win a 90 person poker tournament on Pokerstars. Not big bucks, but nice to be winning at tournament poker again.

PokerStars Tournament #140031891, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $5.00/$0.50
90 players
Total Prize Pool: $450.00
Tournament started 2009/02/11 10:42:18 ET

Dear ZappBrannign,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A $123.98 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 163.19 tournament leader points in this tournament. For information about our tournament leader board, see our web site at


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Mitmac said...

Good job with the poker!